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How to Stay Healthy After Ramadhan Illustration: Jogging. (Freepik)

TIMESKLATEN, JAKARTA – Like it or not, fasting in Ramadhan helps you to life healthily by taking healthy food and less junk food since you realize that during fasting, you need more nutrients to support you during the day. Yet, after the fasting time over, some people will just forget their Ramadan diet and back to their scary habit of diet.

Prof Dr dr Ari Fahrial Syam, a health practitioner at Cipto Mangunkusumo (RSCM-FKUI) Hispital suggests that people better stick to their diet during Ramadan. "As we all know that less people smoking and those people lost their weight during Ramadan," he said.

He also said that everything comes from mind. People do need to change their mindset with their eating habit after Ramadan. They should also be more determined to maintain their healthy diet like they have during Ramadan.

Still also to him, anger management, and stress management are also two crucial things to do. Consuming more fruits and veggies like what they have in Ramadan will be the best solution to maintain their healthy lifestyle.

"Don't forget to take enough sleep. And do some regular exercise to burn the calories we had in our body. This will help you to stay healthy during Ramadhan," the professor added. (*) 

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